At PHI Air Medical, safety drives our every decision. Everything we do comes back to the safety of our crew and our patients and it is why we outfit each aircraft we fly with the most advanced technology and subject our crews to the most rigorous protocols and training anywhere. It is also why we ensure that the most advanced and efficient technology is an essential and required component of every aircraft we operate.

PHI Air Medical has remained well below the national accident rate average and was the first company to receive the prestigious Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award. We have achieved historic milestones over the past few years and have identified and initiated the following innovations to build on our culture of safety:

  • First company of its size to equip 100% of its aircraft with Night Vision Goggles
  • Increased Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IIMC) training through Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)
  • Developed and introduced the Enhanced Operational Control Matrix, which has been adopted by the FAA as a best practice
  • “Four to Go – One to Say No” protocol to engage each professional to ensure safety standards on every flight
  • New emergency locator transmitters with upgraded military frequency installed in 100% of our aircraft



We also recognize that human factors play a critical role in safety. It is why we have empowered our employees across the company to Stand Up, Speak Out and Take Action against unsafe behavior through our leading Destination Zero initiative.