Communications Center

Air Medical Communications Centers

PHI’s state-of-the-art Communication Centers help pilots make better informed decisions by assessing weather conditions, terrain status, airspace issues and other factors that could affect their flight. Our main center is located in Phoenix, AZ and we also operate regional Communication Centers in Indianapolis, IN; Lexington, KY; and Falls Church, VA. Our centers currently monitor all PHI airplane and helicopter bases across the nation and can track aircraft in real time anywhere in the continental U.S. and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

From take-off to landing, each aircraft is monitored by a PHI Communication Center using the latest Outerlink and GPS satellite uplink-tracking systems. Our technology is so advanced an aircraft can be followed all the way down to the street it’s hovering over on its flight path. Using our own self developed, interactive Risk Matrix program we can determine just how safe it is to fly with the utmost level of confidence.

No matter who the original dispatch center is, all PHI aircraft are monitored by our Communication Center in Phoenix, increasing the level of safety for our pilots and patients. Even if it belongs to one of our competitors, we will always send out the closest appropriate aircraft when we can’t go ourselves. And we can dispatch ground services as well. Our Communication Centers can also accommodate all inter-facility transfer center activities such as physician-to-physician consultations and identifying a receiving facility. We offer this service because we realize not every hospital has the resources or time to make the necessary calls or arrangements.