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PHI Air Medical is the leading air ambulance provider in the United States. With an unmatched safety record and the best aviation, medical and communication specialists in the field, we set the standard in the air medical industry. We transport more than 22,500 patients each year from our more than 80 bases across the country, all while offering services and outreach education to local communities and leading healthcare systems. Our mission is simple: move communities to health while maintaining the highest standard of safety, period.

The PHI Air Medical Advantage

For more than 40 years, PHI Air Medical has been providing critical air medical transport services across the country. As an organization, we outfit each aircraft we fly with the most advanced technology, subject our crews to the most rigorous protocols and training and pioneer the most-forward thinking safety program in the country.

Everything that we do comes back to the safety of our crew and our patients. Our accident rate is well below the national average and we were the first to receive the Vision Zero Aviation Safety Award. This belief has guided us towards a number of industry firsts and has given us the highest safety rating in the industry.


  • First company of its size to equip 100% of its aircraft with Night Vision Goggles
  • Increased Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IIMC) training through Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)
  • Developed and introduced the Enhanced Operational Control Matrix, which has been adopted by the FAA as a best practice
  • “Four to Go – One to Say No” protocol to engage each professional to ensure safety standards on every flight
  • New emergency locator transmitters with upgraded military frequency installed in 100% of our aircrafts
  • Industry first Family Trax feature that allows friends and family members to track their loved ones while in transit
  • More than 12.5 million flight hours. More than any other private company
  • PHI has operated in more than 42 countries across the globe in every environment imaginable 
  • Utilization of the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT) to help objectively identify fatigue and mitigate the potentially devastating impact of fatigue in the workplace. 
  • Introduced an innovative Fifth Pillar: The Human Dimension of Safety to the traditional four-pillar FAA SMS model. It outlines methods to develop and improve the mental, social and physiological well-being of individuals and strengthen controls against human factors related hazards
  • More than twice the training recommended by the FAA each year for every pilot 
  • PHI is the only operator of our size to require full down auto rotations in a real aircraft.



We can transport intra-aortic balloon pumps, neonatal isolette, ventricular assist devices and ECMO depending on location.


PHI was the first organization of our size to adopt blood products on board our aircraft as best practice and we continue to adapt to current research to insure we deliver the right product to the right patient at the right time.


Having PHI in your service area means you have a partner to help with transfers to a higher level of care when local resources are at capacity.


PHI is the first air medical operator in the US to offer Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) in the EC-135 aircraft.

Partnering with Medical Providers Across the Country

PHI Air Medical provides industry-leading, customer-focused services customized for each of our traditional customers around the country.

Additional No-Cost Benefits of Our Traditional Program

  • Access to PHI knowledge base and that of our partners
  • Support for CAMTS accreditation
  • Access to PHI’s Government Affairs department
  • Education and networking at our yearly customer conference
  • Online training courses available through our web portal, PHI Connect
  • A review of your program’s current patient billing practices
  • A corporate compliance review
  • Peer Support & Critical Incident Team access
  • PHI Academy offered several times each year
  • Communication center evaluation and support
  • Nationwide (and international) jet aviation fuel price discounts through PHI Air Medical’s affiliation with Colt International and their FBO network and World fuel cards
  • Flight request via FLYPHI app and utilization of Family Trax
Traditional Provider Model Co-operative Model
  • PHI provides a Pilot, Mechanic and aircraft
  • Customer provides everything else associated with an air medical program
  • Customer is fully at risk but also solely reaps the financial benefit while maintaining complete control
  • Customer pays PHI a fixed monthly fee and an additional fee per hour of flight (PHI calculates per hour charges on airborne flight hours instead of aircraft on/ off times like some other vendors)
  • Tailored to YOUR needs
  • Full transparency open book financial review
  • Reimbursement of clinical crew on a per flight basis if desired
  • Expected Revenue per Transport based off payor mix presented: $ / Transport
  • Based off sliding dynamic scale that can be reviewed monthly targeting no additional payment from the customer
  • Profit sharing opportunity once initial targets are met

How we serve communities

PHI Air Medical currently operates more than 40 independent program bases in nine states in the U.S. Through these community-based programs, we are able to actively invest in the communities in which we serve by providing on-going education and involvement as it relates to some of the most important health and safety issues we are faced with today.

It’s easy to request transport

If you have a PHI base near you, there are several ways you can request a transport for your patient:


Contact your local base about having a direct dial phone installed at your location free of charge


Contact your local PHI air medical base supervisor to register for FLYPHI, our free smartphone app



PHI Air Medical’s mission is to maintain the highest level of safety while delivering measurable benefits to our customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve. Our values and integrity in providing the best possible care to our patients and customers is at the heart of every decision we make. PHI Air Medical’s employees are faced with critical and often life-saving decisions and that is why we employ a team of professionals unmatched in the air medical industry who come to PHI to perform at a higher level.

To learn more about our current bases or to inquire about partnering with PHI contact us here

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PHI Air Medical is the leading air ambulance provider across the country, providing air medical services and outreach education to local communities and leading healthcare systems. We safely transport more than 30,000 patients each year, operating out of more than 80 bases across the United States. At each base, we maintain a dedicated crew of pilots, clinical staff, mechanics, and communications specialists – all exceptionally trained and ready to respond.