Family Trax

Stay Connected With Family Trax

We’re committed to doing everything we can to take care of our patients and their families — before, during and after transport. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Family Trax.

This new technology allows family members to track their loved ones in real-time, in the air or on the ground — right from their mobile phone. Family Trax keeps families connected all the way to the hospital.

It’s another example of how we’re always exploring new ways to move our communities to health and to keep our patients connected to those they love.

Ask a crew member for details.

PHI video


Can I forward the link once I get it?

Yes, you can forward the hyperlink to our real time map to other family and friends.

Do I need to download an app?

No app is required!

Do I need internet on my phone?

Yes, your phone does need to be connected to Wifi or have a data plan with your provider.

How long can I track the PHI vehicle?

The connection will expire 15 minutes after receiving at the accepting hospital.

As a healthcare provider should I use Family Trax?

We recommend that providers use FlyPHI, our smart phone app. Downloading and registering for this app will allow you to track the aircraft the moment it is assigned to a flight associated with your facility or agency. No QR code or text required!