Critical Questions to Ask About Your Air Medical Provider 

Accidents happen, people need help and time is of the essence. Having the right air medical provider can make all the difference. Is yours ready to answer the call? When evaluating an air medical provider, ask these questions to ensure you are providing the best transportation services for your community.

Is Your Air Medical Provider an Industry Leader?

With an unmatched commitment to safety, aircraft outfitted with groundbreaking technology and the best aviation, medical and communication specialist in the field, PHI Air Medical is a leader in the air medical industry. For more than 40 years, we have provided critical air medical transport services across the United States. We support hospital systems and government agencies nationwide by transporting more than 30,000 patients every year, all while supporting local initiatives that move our communities to health.

Much more than an air medical provider, PHI Air Medical has set the standard within the industry by being the first to:

  • Equip 100% of our fleet with Night Vision Goggles.
  • Provide in-flight tracking for patients’ loved ones with the industry first feature “Family Trax.”
  • Ensure peak performance of staff by requiring Psychomotor Vigilance Testing (PVT) several times per shift.
  • Offer ECMO in the EC-135 aircraft.
  • Win the Vision Safety award, twice.

Is Your Air Medical Provider Committed to Safety?

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Safety isn’t just a goal at PHI, it’s essential to what we believe and how we operate. Everyone, from our crews to our customers, deserves to get home safely, which is why we have prioritized innovation of our safety programs and training of our crews. In addition to earning the Vision Zero safety award twice, we were the first air medical transport company to require psychomotor vigilance testing several times per shift to ensure peak performance of our staff.

Guided by our three safety tenets: Destination Zero, Life-Saving Behaviors, and Life-Saving Thinking, we work hard to ensure that our crews and customers fly safe and sound. With Destination Zero, our employees are reminded to Stand Up, Speak Out, and Take action to reach Zero incidents. Our 10 Life-Saving Behaviors establish clear, actionable, and acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, while our Life-Saving Thinking principles are our answer to understanding how the mind works and its influence on performance.

Here’s how we show our commitment to safety:

Best-In-Industry Pilot Training

At PHI, we train our pilots twice a year. That’s double the training required by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Setting the Standard, Nationwide

The FAA has adopted our Enhanced Operational Control Risk Matrix and Pilot Consultation, along with our Enhanced Operational Control Center (EOCC) program, as the industry standard.

Our Unmatched Maintenance Record

Getting the job done well is more important than getting it done quickly. Our mechanics receive extensive in-house training and our in-service record by individual tail number are unequaled.

The Human Dimension of Safety

We know that human factors play a critical role in safety, which is why we added a pillar to the existing FAA four-pillar Safety Management System: The Human Dimension of Safety. This fifth pillar outlines methods to develop and improve the mental, social and physiological well-being of individuals and strengthen controls against human factors related hazards.



We can transport intra-aortic balloon pumps, neonatal isolette, ventricular assist devices and ECMO depending on location.


PHI was the first organization of our size to adopt blood products on board our aircraft as best practice and we continue to adapt to current research to ensure we deliver the right product to the right patient at the right time.


Having PHI in your service area means you have a partner to help with transfers to a higher level of care when local resources are at capacity.


PHI is the first air medical operator in the US to offer Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) in the EC-135 aircraft.

Does Your Air Medical Provider Go Beyond the Call?

Helicopter 6PH on a landing pad

You deserve an air medical provider that provides far more than industry-leading patient transport and care. At PHI Air Medical, we go Beyond the Call by offering services tailored to the needs of your community or organization. With full transparency, we partner with you and adapt to and prioritize your needs; if it is important to you, it’s important to us.

We go Beyond the Call by providing:

Outstanding Clinical Standards

Recognized as one of the best practices in the nation, our in-depth and time-tested CQI process empowers us to provide the highest level of clinical transport care in the country.

Integrated Communication Centers

Our state-of-the-art Communication Centers help pilots make better-informed decisions, improving safety for all from take-off to landing.

Thought Leadership

PHI goes above and beyond by providing networking and education opportunities to encourage our customers to learn from our experience and from partners across the country.

Proven Transfer Center Services

PHI Patient Navigation is a proven transfer center system that uses cutting-edge technology, strategic advanced analytics, and highly skilled clinicians to enhance your hospital system’s profitability.

Profit Sharing

When both parties are incentivized to perform, amazing things can happen. Our Cooperative Provider Model offers a sliding scale that helps reduce customers’ subsidies for aircraft while earning a profit.

Does Your Air Medical Provider Offer Programs that Fit Your Needs?

Every community and hospital system has different needs and goals, but the objective is always the same: provide high-quality patient care and the greatest degree of safety. At PHI, we offer customer-focused services customized for our traditional partners and community-based programs that serve local and government agencies to ensure continuous care. Our commitment to giving back, being involved, and doing the right thing for the community sets us apart as we consistently perform to the highest level in the industry.

Looking for a new air medical provider? Our programs are:

Traditional Provider Model Co-operative Model
  • PHI provides a Pilot, Mechanic and aircraft
  • Customer provides everything else associated with an air medical program
  • Customer is fully at risk but also solely reaps the financial benefit while maintaining complete control
  • Customer pays PHI a fixed monthly fee and an additional fee per hour of flight (PHI calculates per hour charges on airborne flight hours instead of aircraft on/ off times like some other vendors)
  • Tailored to YOUR needs
  • Full transparency open book financial review
  • Reimbursement of clinical crew on a per flight basis if desired
  • Expected Revenue per Transport based off payor mix presented: $ / Transport
  • Based off sliding dynamic scale that can be reviewed monthly targeting no additional payment from the customer
  • Profit sharing opportunity once initial targets are met

Do You Feel Like Just a Number to Your Air Medical Provider?

As an air medical transport provider, service is an important part of what we do and what we believe in. At PHI, we select the communities that we are best equipped to serve, ensuring that we can provide the highest level of care to our customers. We are the right size to deliver personalized and compassionate attention without sacrificing the quality of our services.

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PHI Air Medical is the leading air ambulance provider across the country, providing air medical services and outreach education to local communities and leading healthcare systems. We safely transport more than 30,000 patients each year, operating out of more than 80 bases across the United States. At each base, we maintain a dedicated crew of pilots, clinical staff, mechanics, and communications specialists – all exceptionally trained and ready to respond.