Bob, with 40 years in EMS and critical care nursing, including 25 years as a flight nurse in Michigan, has been instrumental in advancing the mission of PHI Air Medical. His career embodies the company’s commitment to moving communities toward better health, with a deep focus on patient-centered care in the emergency and air medical transport sectors.

Starting his career in the Air Force Reserve as a firefighter, Bob transitioned to critical care and flight nursing, applying rigorous discipline and a commitment to excellence. His role as a flight nurse, completing over 3,000 patient transports, has been pivotal in showcasing his technical skill and dedication to patient care.

Since joining PHI Air Medical in 2012 as the Director of Clinical Services, Bob oversees a team of 350 clinical leaders and clinicians who annually transport 18,000 patients across the US. Under his leadership, the focus on patient safety, clinical care, training, quality improvement and compliance supports the company’s objectives and mission.

Bob’s leadership style, which promotes autonomy and encourages team members to take initiative, aligns with the operational goals of PHI by ensuring flexibility and adaptability across diverse geographic regions. This approach supports PHI’s aim for high reliability and stewardship, balancing enterprise standardization with unit-level autonomy to meet organizational objectives effectively.

Overseeing a representiive clinical practice committee, Bob drives the development of clinical standards and protocols that enhance patient safety and care quality, crucial for PHI’s goal of supporting community health. His MPH from the University of Arizona and interests in patient safety, simulation-based learning, and clinician decision support tools, complement PHI’s mission by fostering a comprehensive healthcare delivery approach.

Bob’s experience with the first merger of two hospital-based air medical programs and his work in industry projects demonstrate his ability to lead complex projects, advancing PHI’s mission. His role ensures that operational excellence and patient care standards are uniformly maintained across all units, fostering a culture of continuous learning and transparency that supports PHI Air Medical’s strategic direction.