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PHI Air Medical is recognized for going beyond the call with its standards in quality, efficiency, safety, and customer service. We understand that time is of the utmost importance when trying to find a receiving physician and tertiary care hospital for your patient. While transfer center services everywhere are providing one-step, quick solutions to hospitals’ transfer needs, we know that there is so much more that we can do for you beyond one phone call. Therefore, we have developed the service line, BEYOND TRANSFER CENTER SERVICES®.

PHI Patient Navigation offers four lines of service: SwiftAdmit™, DischargeDirect™, After-HoursAssist™, and Ask An R.N.™.

Patient Navigation SwiftAdmitSwiftAdmit™ streamlines admissions and facilitates transfers, cutting the typical admit-and-transfer time in half. PHI Patient Navigation’s R.N.s answer the phone as representatives of your hospital, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using sophisticated software and technology to gain real-time visibility of bed availability at your hospital, our staff assesses and triages incoming admission requests and coordinates all of the admit-and-transfer logistics with the referral source.
Patient Navigation DischargeDirectDischargeDirect™ facilitates and coordinates discharges, synchronizing them with SwiftAdmit admission requests so that your hospital is operating at virtual capacity. Our R.N.s evaluate length-of-stay parameters upon admission, communicate with your nursing and medical staff, and spearhead the process to ensure that discharges are timely and seamless.
Patient Navigation After-HoursAssistWith After-HoursAssist™, PHI Patient Navigation provides back-up support during the evening and night shifts for bed management and utilization review to ensure appropriate care, optimal outcomes, and maximum reimbursement. Alongside After-HoursAssists, PHI Patient Navigation offers Appointment-Setter, a solution that allows individuals to secure next-day physician appointments after normal business hours so that callers can proactively rearrange their schedules.
Patient Navigation Ask an RNAsk an R.N.™ serves as a ‘traffic controller’ for patients who need assistance in determining whether to seek care, and guidance regarding their options. This PHI Patient Navigation solution allows hospitals to be proactive in directing patients to the most appropriate level of care.

With SwiftAdmit, DischargeDirect, After-HoursAssist, and Ask an R.N., PHI Patient Navigation maximizes the holistic efficiency and effectiveness of your hospital. Our solutions increase revenue, maximize reimbursement, and decrease expenses. Above all, our solutions ensure optimal patient care, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction because your program is performing at its best. PHI Patient Navigation is the service that goes BEYOND TRANSFER CENTER SERVICES®. PHI Patient Navigation is the service that goes beyond the call.

For more information, please contact:
Mitchell Hill
Director, Program
PHI Patient Navigation
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Clinical Services Manager
PHI Patient Navigation
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